Be clever.

Be Clyde.

Experience the sustainable mobility of tomorrow.

As a Swiss corporate start-up, we have been operating successfully on the market for around three years. Our international team of more than 30 employees in our Zurich headquarters is always in the fast lane, bringing you the best customer experience and sustainable mobility. Clyde combines mobility and energy – for a sustainable future that is easily accessible and usable for everyone.




Clyde was established in 2019 by AMAG Import AG as part of its Innovation and Venture LAB. In early 2022 we began transforming into an all-electric mobility provider – by 2024 Clyde Mobility will be 100% electric. As part of the new “AMAG Energy & Mobility” business unit, we are speeding up the journey to CO2-neutral individual mobility. These efforts revolve around the issues of energy, charging and electricity.

All electric. All inclusive.

We are positioning ourselves as the most successful electric car subscription service – to drive e-mobility into the future. We are the only provider that can proudly say: everything is included in our electric car subscription.





We’re not the greatest singers, but we sing “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” at the top of our lungs. Here, everyone has a voice. And a say. We accept all voices. We listen to each other. Because here it’s people that count, not their positions.


Together we journey through thick and thin. With no one left behind. Hand out high praise rather than low level work. That’s our motto. That’s what makes our dream team different.


“Do. Fail. Learn. Repeat.” We make things happen, even though our journey comes with risks. We might lose our way now and then, but we always get back on track. We dream big, but we’re not daydreamers.


Together we surf the same wavelength. We want to bring out the best in ourselves so we can offer others the best as well. Our goals guide us at all times: Achieve success. Lead the pack. Be number 1!

Clyde is diverse.

We embrace diversity. We embrace equality. 365 days a year. It starts with the right attitude, which is more than a matter of course for Clyde. For a colourful, diverse world free of hatred and discrimination. For love without limits.




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