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Clyde Auto-Abo Team

About us

Clyde is your all-inclusive Swiss car subscription service for every lifestyle. We believe you don’t need to buy or lease a car to have flexible mobility that suits you.

The problem with car ownership: full-on commitment, limited freedom

Do you know the situation: You suddenly need a car on a regular basis, but don't know for how long and are wondering whether you really want to spend money on it or whether you want to make a long-term commitment with a lease? Maybe you don't know anything about cars and don't have time to look for one anyway? In this situation, it’s hardly worth buying your own car. Just think of all the tedious paperwork for sorting out the insurance, let alone the unpredictable costs for things like repairs and servicing. And even then, you end up always sitting in the same car model – not a hint of flexibility.

Our solution: the Clyde car subscription

Here at Clyde, we believe that enjoying automobility doesn’t need to be complicated. With Clyde, you can subscribe to your car on an easy and flexible basis, without a long-term commitment, but with absolute cost transparency for you. And you don’t have to worry about your monthly car expenses, as with Clyde, there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises. All you pay is a monthly flat rate, which includes everything except fuel. You book your car online, nice and easy, drive it for as long as you want and return it at any time – just like any subscription.

You get what you see!

We believe you should have the freedom to subscribe to the exact car that suits your current lifestyle, while also meeting your requirements in terms of brand, model, specs and colour. That’s why with Clyde, you only see cars that are actually available: you get what you see – promise!

Clyde is a start-up of AMAG.

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