The subscription prices of Clyde and what is included in the subscription.

fair prices.

Your price,
your car.

Discover your car on subscription from Clyde - a great car selection just for you

Find a car

Saloon or hatchback. Spoiler or roof rack. Snow white or jet black. With Clyde you’ll never look back.

Totally flexible - you choose your duration of subscription

Choose your contract duration

Long or short? You can choose from a minimum contract duration of 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 months.

Choose how many kilometers you drive per month

Select your mileage

Less frequent driver or frequent driver?We offer eight different options – from 250 km to 4,000 km.

Our car is ready for you in 10 working days

Your subscription is ready

Fair and transparent monthly rates: no sign-on fees and a car that’ll be delivered to your door.

Change your car as soon as your minimum contract duration is over.

Single again? Switch up your ride for something more compact. Family visit planned? Book an estate. Want to feel the wind in your hair? A sporty number is right up your street. Ready for an adventure? Hop in a van and get out there. Thanks, Clyde.


Except refuelling,
everything is included.

Your car subscription is as unique as you are. From 250 km to 4,000 km: you decide what’s best for your lifestyle.

Everything included: Third-party liability, comprehensive and partial casco. You enjoy free travel and decide which deductible suits you best (partial cover/liability CHF 0, fully comprehensive insurance deductible CHF 500, 1,000 or 1,500).

No surprises: all you have to do is drive. Clyde’s partners will take care of all inspections and replacement parts.

We call it "E-mobility made easy", because charging is included in your subscription. Thanks to the Clyde flat rate for charging, you can now charge your Clyde electric car (BEV, fully electric) for free at any charging station in the network in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Not convinced yet? How about this: everything is included in your subscription price.

Full speed ahead. Clyde will make sure your car has the right tyres for the time of year. We’ll also store them for you.

Your life, your region, your numberplate. All of our cars are registered in your canton of residence.

At your side. A new chapter for the new year. It’s our gift to you. So get out there.

Share the experience: your friends and family can get behind the wheel too, if you like. Clyde’s fine with it.

It’s more affordable than you think.

Car subscription sound expensive to you? Think it’ll cost more than buying a car or leasing? Think again! Many car owners tend to leave out relevant cost factors from their calculations, such as insurance, depreciation, repairs or new tyres. At Clyde, you’ll only pay your monthly fee and the fuel you use. Sound fair to you? And if your circumstances change, you can always give your car back – with no lengthy notice period.


The VW ID.4 and other electric cars in the car subscription from Clyde
Insurance including additional drivers
Service & repairs
Tyre change, wear and storage
Annual vignette
24/7 emergency assistance
Replacement vehicle
Charging card
E-car flat rate for charging

Questions? Fire away.

We all know: Clyde is easy. Just pick your car, set the minimum subscription period and kilometre allowance and off you go! And if anything’s ever unclear? Just ask. Questions are free – no charge on the answers either. Pretty cool. Just like Clyde.


You want to order a car or your company? No problem. Just fill in the company data when ordering. If your Clyde is a company car, a company employee will be entered as the most frequent driver or, in case of pooling vehicles, a location address.

Safe, safe, really safe. Besides the third-party liability insurance there’s a partial and fully comprehensive cover. 

Partial comprehensive cover basically covers damage to your car for which you are not responsible (not caused intentionally). This includes damage caused by fire, natural hazards, animal collisions, vandalism, theft and simple glass damages.The deductible for private customers and pool cars is CHF 0.

For private customers, the standard deductible for the fully comprehensive insurance (collision) is CHF 1,500 and can be reduced to CHF 1,000 or CHF 500 on request for an additional fee in the booking process. The deductible of the fully comprehensive cover covers damage to your own car caused by classic collision events (e.g. collision with another car, collision with a pillar, etc.). The deductible is always calculated per damage. 

If damage is caused to another car, a person or an object in the event of a collision, this is covered by the liability insurance. For private customers, the deductible of the liability insurance is CHF 0.

The deductible for pool vehicles is CHF 1'000 for liability insurance and CHF 1'500 for fully comprehensive insurance (collision). In this case reducing the deductible is not possible.

For a monthly surcharge, you can choose the Insurance Plus option, which covers you additionally for glass and parking damage.
Click. Click. Car. Order your Clyde car subscription online, receive your subscription contract within one working day and arrange an appointment. In detail:
  1. You book your car at
  2. We check your data and do a credit check.
  3. You will receive a reservation confirmation by e-mail.
  4. If you have booked a car that is available from stock, you will then receive another e-mail with a link to our appointment calendar. Now all you have to do is select the desired delivery date. If you have booked a car that is not immediately available from stock, we will contact you as soon as the car arrives to arrange an exact delivery date.
Easy as pie!
Your car subscription is as individual as you are. From 500km to 4’000km, it is your choice, which one fits your life best. You are fully flexible: you can adjust your mileage package anytime to a lower or higher one. The change will be effective as of your next subscription period. Send us an email with your preferred new mileage package to [email protected]. You drive. You save. Clyde does the rest. Easy, isn’t it?

We are all in! Tires, toll sticker, insurance, registration, taxes, maintenance, flat-rate charging for e-cars: everything is included. Only refuelling comes on top.

It doesn’t matter what your current life situation is, we have the right car subscription for you. Your car needs to suit you and the life you lead. The spec, brand, model – you specify what you want. We offer seven different minimum subscription periods (3, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 months). You can also choose from nine different mileage packages (250, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000 km). Simple.

Have we convinced you? Seize your freedom today and join Clyde for a fair price.