The new Audi e-tron quattro with the Clyde car subscription

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For the longest test drive ever.

Have you always fancied an electric car? Well, now’s the time to join the electric movement and get behind the wheel of an Audi e-tron. If you’re into sporty styles, high-calibre materials and guaranteed driving pleasure, then get in, buckle up and go! This electric SUV can zip from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds flat. The new electric four-wheel drive gives you surprising agility on the road and comes with a whole host of impressive features. Even the biggest grumps will find it hard to resist smiling with delight the whole time they’re behind the wheel. And as you probably already know, Switzerland has one of the biggest car charging networks in the world.

of course.

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1, 3, 6 or 12 months. 500, 1,000 or 4,000 km per month. Subscribe to a car for a fixed price.

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Whether you opt for free home delivery or pick up: you’ll be cruising the streets in just 10 days.

Not convinced yet?

I know what you’re thinking: You’re curious, intrigued, but not 100% convinced that an electric car will fit your lifestyle? And diving in head-first and buying one is just too risky... What if the range is a bigger problem than you thought, or charging too complicated? We’ve got just what you need: With the Clyde car subscription, you can drive your own electric car. But you don’t have to buy it or lease it – you simply subscribe at a monthly flat rate.


Except refuelling,
everything is included.

Your car subscription is as unique as you are. From 500 km to 4,000 km: you decide what’s best for your lifestyle.

Everything is included: liability, comprehensive coverage and collision damage.(excess: comprehensive coverage CHF 1,000, collision damage/liability CHF 0).

No surprises: all you have to do is drive. Clyde’s partners will take care of all inspections and replacement parts.

Full speed ahead. Clyde will make sure your car has the right tyres for the time of year. We’ll also store them for you.

Not convinced yet? How about this: everything is included in your subscription price.

Your life, your region, your numberplate. All of our cars are registered in your canton of residence.

At your side. A new chapter for the new year. It’s our gift to you. So get out there.

Share the experience: your friends and family can get behind the wheel too, if you like. Clyde’s fine with it.

Convinced? Then start your freedom today and get your Audi e-tron without registration fee and totally flexible from CHF 1499.