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Don’t buy your dream car: subscribe to it

Clyde car subscription

Don’t buy your dream car: subscribe to it

Discover the clever alternative to buying a car.

Explore cars!

Your alternative to buying a car: a car subscription

Are you someone who sees ownership as responsibility rather than freedom? Would you like a new car to call your own, but without all the paperwork and ancillary costs? If you’re seeking a modern alternative to buying a car, you’re at the right place. With the Clyde car subscription, all you need to do is drive – we handle the rest.

How does the car subscription from Clyde work?

The Clyde car subscription works like any other subscription, from public transport to your streaming provider: you pick a car and a kilometre bundle, give us a few details, and two weeks later, you will be driving your car already – for at least three months and then as long as you want.

No paperwork, no stress.

Our car subscription really is as simple as it sounds. When you buy a car, you also get a mountain of paperwork. With us, you don’t have to take care of anything. We register your dream car in your canton, take out insurance for you and even pay for service and tyre changes.

This means you pay a flat monthly rate and have complete control over your spending. There are no nasty surprises. And if your life situation ever changes, you can simply switch to a different car and subscription type or cancel your subscription altogether with 30 days’ notice after the first three months.

The following is included in a car subscription:

Service & wear

Service and repairs are free of charge at garages that have been authorised by the manufacturer.


Third-party liability and comprehensive (partial/full) cover are included. (Excess: fully comprehensive cover: CHF 1000.– / partially comprehensive cover: CHF 0.–.)


Year-round changes and storage are on us.

Registration & taxes

We register your car under your name in your canton of residence. You don’t need to do or pay anything.

Multiple drivers allowed

Family and friends can also drive your car.

You do not have to buy a car for the latest models

Here’s the best thing about the Clyde car subscription: you don’t drive a dated vehicle. Instead, we offer a wide variety of the latest models at a fair price and with a range of accessories.

You will be driving the exact car you pick when taking out your subscription. We don’t do categories.

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