A car subscription is like leasing, only better and more flexible

Clyde car subscription

A car on subscription instead of car sharing

Uncomplicated, flexible, affordable – with your style of car.

A real alternative to car sharing

Car sharing is booming. Everyone in Switzerland knows the red Mobility cars, and other providers such as Ubeeqo and ride2go are becoming more and more established. And it makes sense: nowadays, you don’t need to own a car to drive one.

But car sharing simply isn’t right for everyone. If you needa car for more than a day, if you appreciate style and comfort while driving, and if you want to let your friends take the wheel every now and then, the Clyde car subscription will work out better for you than car sharing.

Your advantages over car sharing

The Clyde car subscription is as flexible as car sharing, but you never need to worry about your driving time or pickup and drop-off spots. With a Clyde car subscription, you pay no registration fee. You can even get your car delivered to you. And we will never give you a car you don’t like. Unlike car-sharing services, we don’t have car categories. You will get the exact model, colour and accessories you choose.

What you see is what you get

Instead of driving your dream car for a day and then leaving it to someone else, you subscribe for at least three months. Afterwards, you can keep driving your dream car for as long as you like. So there will never be a problem if you fancy a changeor experience some financial difficulties. After your minimum subscription period is up, you can swap your car for another and adjust your inclusive kilometres within five to ten days. You can even leave your car to a friend or family member, provided they are at least 20 years old.

Easy as car sharing, flexible as you

The Clyde car subscription can save you plenty of effort, money and nerves. We offer our cars on a flat-rate basis with three kilometre bundles. This means you only need to cover your petrol or electricitycosts in addition to the subscription. We’ll take care of service, wear, insurance, tyres, registration and taxes.

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