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E-cars on subscription by Clyde

Clyde car subscription

Your electric car subscription

Subscribe to your electric car. Experience electromobility in a flexible and risk-free way.

Be part of a new movement - quiet and electric

Discover the world of electromobility in a simple and risk-free way with a car subscription by Clyde. Experience the mobility of tomorrow!

Discover Switzerland electrified and by subscription

You're are planning a roadtrip through Switzerland? Well, no problem. Current electric car generations provide a sufficient range, in addition, the charging infratructure within Switzerland is one of the most developed in the whole of Europe and is constantly growing.

No risk, no fun? Clyde disagrees

Personal needs are at the forefront in the decision making process for an electric vehicle. Is the currently offered range sufficient for my daily commuting? How convenient and available is the charging infrastructure? Is driving an electric car even fun? You can answer all of these question and probably even more while you are testing our electric cars under real-life and real-time conditions.

Your Benefit

To experience all of this you don't have to buy an electric car. Just subscribe to it by a monthly flat-rate. In addition you benefit from lower running costs as electric power is cheaper than conventional petrol or diesel.

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