A no-strings-attached family car by subscription.

Clyde car subscription

The perfect family car whenever you need it

Find out all about our family-friendly cars, rates and subscription periods.

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A family car that is as flexible as you

Parents need to be extremely flexible – starting a family tends to turn a lot of plans upside down. And kids need flexibility, too: there’s school, new hobbies, family trips and school Holidays.

A family car for your needs

Sometimes, you need a family car. Sometimes, you don’t. What you always need is a model that adapts to your needs as much as you adapt to your children: the Clyde car subscription.

Clyde allows you to subscribe to your family car for three months and then decide flexibly every month whether you still need it. Our flat-rate model ensures that you have full control over your spending and never need to worry about paperwork.

Cars that are made for your family

Your Clyde family car could be a family van, an estate car or a small car – depending on whether your family is large or small and whether you need lots of space or something small and efficient. Or maybe you’d like the kids to experience the joy of a convertible for a while?

We offer a wide range of the latest VW, Audi, Seat and ŠKODA models with top-of-the-range equipment for perfect safety and comfort.

If your needs ever change, you can swap your family car for another effortlessly.

Perfect for a family budget

The monthly rate of your Clyde car subscription covers all ancillary costs: you pay no sign-up or registration fees, taxes or insurance costs. Even tyres, repairs and service are included. You just cover your petrol or charging costs.

We also offer three inclusive kilometre bundles: 900 km/month (S), 1800 km/month (M) and 3000 km/month (L). If you don’t use up your kilometres in any given month, they will be added to the next.

This makes your Clyde family car a fixed sum in your budget. You never have to deal with nasty surprises.

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