The subscription prices of Clyde and what is included in the subscription.

Your time
is now!

1, 3, 6 or 12 months?

Your subscription, your choice. Whether it’s 1, 3, 6 or 12 months – you can’t beat the flexibility of Clyde. Your car subscription has flown by – but you’d much rather keep things rolling? Simply increase your minimum subscription duration. What subscription term suits you? Scroll through the page and find the automotive motto that describes you and the type of subscription you like. Let’s go!

1 month

Clyde Car subscription – one month term

Drive hard or drive home!

What does the future hold? Who knows. Time to enjoy the here and now to the fullest. Preferably in a car. Variety and spontaneity are the spice of your life. Like to try new things? That’s your thing. Setting things in stone? No thanks. And that goes for your car, too. Good thing there’s Clyde.

Clyde Car subscription – three months term

3 month

Don’t dream your life away – drive your dream car.

You love keeping pace with the latest trends. Life’s too short to be boring! You enjoy every day, every hour, every second to the fullest. Instead of daydreaming, you get out there and take your dream car for a spin – and regularly get yourself a new Clyde.

6 month

Clyde Car subscription – six months term

Drive more of what makes you happy.

Your car, your pride and joy! For you, driving is one of life’s delights. How many people can say they drive a convertible in summer and an SUV in winter? That kind of flexibility is a dream. Thanks, Clyde.

Clyde Car subscription – twelfe months term

12 month

A day without a car is one too many.

You and your car: an inseparable dream duo. You’re like Tarzan and Jane, Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde. You don’t want to miss a single day with your trusty automotive companion. A never-ending love story.