A car subscription is like leasing, only better and more flexible

Clyde Car Subscription

Don’t lease your dream car, subscribe to it!

Save the time and effort required for a leasing contract with high ancillary costs.

Explore cars!

Leasing costs time and money

Car leasing is widespread in Switzerland, but there are some hidden risks. When you lease a car, you are given the right to use it in return for paying leasing rates. But watch out – leasing services that appear reasonable can often end up more expensive than you first expect. In addition to taking out fully comprehensive insurance, you are also required to pay interest and take the car for servicing and maintenance.

That's how much more a leasing costs you

According to the TCS, the real monthly cost corresponds to about three monthly leasing rates. This means that if the leasing rate is CHF 350 per month, your car will cost you around CHF 1,000 per month (this is a fictive calculation example to illustrate the basic rule of the TCS).


With Clyde, you only pay the subscription rate and that's all - you have full cost control.

The advantages of a car subscription

The Clyde car subscription is a perfect alternative to leasing. We offer you a large selection of brand-new and trusted models that you can simply take out on a subscription basis for three months. Afterwards, you can decide flexibly on a monthly basis whether you wish to renew your subscription – it works just like your Netflix subscription.

Our kilometre bundles – all-inclusive

When you subscribe, you pick one of our kilometre bundles (900km/1800km/3000km per month). You’ll always be fully aware of the subscription costs – we guarantee that there are no nasty surprises. Unlike with a leasing service, all ancillary costs (insurance, registration, service and repairs, etc.) are included.

The additional expenses of leasing are included in the Clyde car subscription:

Service & wear

We cover service and repairs at a garage that has been authorised by the manufacturer.


Unlike with leasing, third-party liability and comprehensive (partial/full) cover are included. (Excess: fully comprehensive cover: CHF 1000.– / partially comprehensive cover: CHF 0.–.)


We take care of changing and storing your car’s tyres. Unlike with a leased car, you don’t need to do anything.

Registration & taxes

We register your car in your canton of residence – with no extra effort for you.

Multiple drivers allowed

Family and friends can also drive your car.

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