E-mobility in easy.

Allow us to present Clyde. The most flexible car subscription in Switzerland – now also including charging for electric vehicles. Itching to try it out? Let’s go! Sign up for your free electric car subscription now and discover how easy e-mobility with Clyde really is.


Are you ready to as well?

Discover e-mobility with Clyde now! We’ll give you an electric car subscription for free and in return, you tell everyone you know how easy e-mobility with Clyde really is. Deal?

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Why choose Clyde?

Life comes with enough challenges – your car doesn’t need to be one of them. Insurance, servicing, tyres, taxes, registration, motorway vignette, home delivery, additional drivers – it’s all included in the subscription price. And if those weren’t enough highlights for you, we’re going to top them with one more: the electric car flat rate for charging. Clyde goes electric. Join us!