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What are the advantages of car subscription compared to leasing or car sharing? Rent, buy or subscribe to a car? We explain it to you.

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New alternative to car rental - the car subscription.

Car rental in inexpensive and flexible.

The simple solution for holidays by car.

With Clyde there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

A car at a flat rate in a flexible subscription.

We take care of the paperwork, you drive.

Leasing was yesterday - get your car on subscription.

No hidden costs, no paperwork, totally flexible.

Subscribe to your dream car instead of buying a second-hand car.

Discover the clever alternative to a used car.

Car sharing alternative? The flexible car subscription.

To your dream car at a flat rate.

Your car subscription for the winter season.

Big plans for the ski season and no car?

Your alternative to buying a car: a car subscription.

Subscribe to your new car instead of buying one

Vacations by car subscription.

These are the advantages of Holidays by car subscription from Clyde

A VW bus in subscription with Clyde.

This is how easy it is to subscribe to your VW bus.

Life comes with enough challenges.
A car doesn’t need to be one of them.