Young man charges Skoda Enyaq iV electric car at home.

Your EV subscription including electricity.

Sustainability pays off.

Clyde is the first and only electric car subscription company to include everything in the rate - even electricity. If you charge privately, for example at your own wallbox or at work, you get 0.30 CHF/kWh from Clyde. In addition, you can charge your electric car at all public charging stations from our partner network in Switzerland and throughout Europe at no additional cost. That's only available at Clyde!

Electricity included.

Private charging is credited.

If you charge your electric car privately, i.e. at home or at work, we’ll offset this electricity consumption with a credit of CHF 0.30/kWh in the form of vouchers that you can put towards your next monthly payment.

Public charging is included.

If you charge your electric car at one of the many public charging stations in our partner charging network in Switzerland or throughout Europe, electricity is included in your monthly payment.

Earn money with your own solar panels.

Are you a homeowner with a photovoltaic system installed on your roof? If so, you have two things to look forward to: By charging your electric cars via your PV system, you can double the rate you normally receive for your photovoltaic electricity (based on: median electricity price in Switzerland). We will reimburse you CHF 0.30/kWh for electricity charged at home – significantly more than the rate offered by local electricity suppliers. This means your PV system can become an attractive investment faster thanks to Clyde.

One price.


If you charge your electric car at a public charging station in our partner network or if you charge privately, electricity is included.

Insurance &
additional drivers

You and your loved ones enjoy top coverage on your trip, with the costs already included in your monthly rate.

Taxes &

You receive the number plate of your canton of residence, and we cover the costs of registration and taxes.

Servicing &

We take care of the servicing and tyres – at no extra cost. And you get the vignette for free to top things off.

You have complete flexibility without any risk.

Is an electric car really the right choice for you? Find out with the electric car subscription from Clyde. We’ll make getting started with electromobility easy and flexible: with us, you drive your electric car for as long as you want it – and no longer. And the usual risks associated with owning a car? We’ll handle them – that’s a promise!


made easy.

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Pick an electric car.

We’re confident we’ll have the right model to fit your needs. Find the electric car that suits you now.

Choose the subscription options

Choose your subscription.

Choose a subscription period of 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 months and a mileage package ranging from 250 all the way up to 4,000 kilometres per month.

Already the car subscription is ready - Freedom can come

Drive all-inclusive.

You’ll be driving around in your all-inclusive electric car in just 10 working days, without any expensive electricity bills – because electricity is included.

Just get in your electric car and enjoy the drive – with no high electricity bills.