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Like a travel card - but for cars


Like a travel card – but for cars!

Your perfect match for unlimited mobility

Explore cars!

Have you ever wanted to buy a bus or a full-on train just because you sometimes use them to get around? No?

Same here!

At Clyde, we believe that you don’t need to own a car to enjoy your own private transport. Clyde makes long-term commitments from buying or leasing a thing of the past. We provide cars on subscription, just like when you pay for a monthly travel card for public transport.

Clyde gives you complete flexibility at transparent prices – a flat-rate car subscription with only the fuel or charging costs to cover separately.

You simply order the subscription online – no need to visit a booking office – and then you can drive the car for as long as you want. The only timetable you need to follow is your own. You’re in control and you set the course: change your subscription, change your car, simply continue or cancel

Our subscription service gives you unlimited mobility without long-term commitments:

  • Clyde always has the latest models. With our service, you’re free to subscribe to the exact car that suits your current lifestyle, while also meeting your requirements in terms of brand, model, specs and colour. That’s why with Clyde, you only see cars that are actually available: you get what you see – that’s a promise!

  • Our subscription doesn’t require you to enter into any long-term commitments like with buying and leasing. You get your dream car for a minimum of three months, and after that, it’s up to you each month whether you extend or not – no strings attached.

  • Unlike when you buy a car, Clyde will take care of the insurance, registration, servicing and even tyre changes. You and your Clyde are almost like best friends – with a lot of benefits. All you have to do is drive and fill it up, or charge it if you’re out and about in one of our nippy little electric cars. That’s easy, isn’t it?

What’s included in the Clyde subscription:

No hassle, no worries, no additional costs: thanks to the fixed monthly rate, with the Clyde car subscription all you have to do is fill up the tank.

Service & wear

No surprises! With Clyde, you don’t have to worry about unplanned costs.


Your car is fully insured: third-party, fire and theft as well as fully comprehensive cover are part of the flat rate. (Excess: fully comprehensive cover: CHF 1000.– / partially comprehensive cover: CHF 0.–)


Clyde ensures you’ve got the right tyres – all year round, with no additional costs for changes or storage.

Registration & taxes

With no effort or expense for you. Your car is registered in your canton of residence.

Multiple drivers allowed

Family and friends can also drive your car.

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