Electric car subscription.

The easy way to do e-mobility.

Watch movies on Netflix and listen to music on Spotify? Then you’ll know all about the world of subscriptions. What you need now is a subscription for driving – with electricity. Clyde offers the most sustainable and the easiest e-mobility automotive solution available in Switzerland. Benefit from an electric car subscription with everything included – even electricity from public charging stations, at the office and at home on request. Insurance, servicing, tyres, taxes, registration and more are also included.

Electric car subscription – an option for you?

To buy, lease or subscribe to a car? If you’re unsure and don’t know which offer is best for you, you can learn all about the advantages of an electric car with a Clyde subscription here

Switching your company fleet to electric cars?

We look after your business car, you focus on your job: with the Clyde electric car subscription, it’s not only the environment that benefits – your company’s image does, too. Win-win. And in contrast to leasing, with us everything is included – even electricity.

Any questions?

Our principle is: one fixed price, everything included – tyres, vignette, insurance, registration, taxes, maintenance and, if desired, even electricity.

Thanks to our Premium option, where you book the Clyde Energy Benefit, electricity at public charging stations and private wallboxes is included:

Public charging: if you charge your electric car at one of the countless public charging stations in our partner charging network, the charging costs are already covered by your monthly payment.

Private charging: if you charge privately, for example at home on your private wallbox or at work, your charging costs will be credited to you in the form of vouchers.

Flexible and simple are Clyde’s favourite words. That’s why we’ll deliver your electric car directly to your door or to an address of your choice in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Please have your valid driving licence ready for identification. Your electric car will be fully charged by us before it is delivered from our warehouse to your home. In this case, it may be that the battery is no longer 100% full when the car arrives.

You want to order a car or your company? No problem. Just fill in the company data when ordering. If your Clyde is a company car, a company employee will be entered as the most frequent driver or, in case of pooling vehicles, a location address.

Freedom and flexibility guaranteed.