Your car subscription at a glance.

E-motions under control – welcome to MyClyde.

Electrifyingly simple, without mountains of paperwork – your data, in a single place. Your autopilot for all administrative matters related to your Clyde car subscription. Driving has never been so relaxed and hassle-free.

Your car – fully in control.

- View contract details
- Adjust subscription settings
- Edit payment details
- Redeem Clyde Energy Benefit voucher
- Check invoices

“On MyClyde, I can see my active and expired subscriptions, my invoices and can also redeem privately charged kWh in the form of a digital voucher against my next invoice. Everything is very clear and super easy.”

– Boris Baldinger, Clyde electric car driver

Any questions?

You can keep track of the amount remaining on your vouchers at any time by heading to Clyde Energy Benefit in MyClyde .

You can redeem your vouchers in MyClyde at any time. The redeemed vouchers will be automatically deducted from your next monthly payment.

You can adjust your mileage package anytime in MyClyde to a lower or higher one. The change will be effective as of your next subscription period.

You drive e-mobility. We drive your office.