All you have to do is drive. Clyde will take care of your service.

My car is
due for a

All you have to do is drive.
Clyde will take care of your service.

Is your car displaying a “Service due” message? This means it is due based on the manufacturer’s specifications. If you want to have any maintenance work done outside of the manufacturer’s cycle (e.g. changing wiper blades or updating software), you’re welcome to make an appointment with one of our partner garages. If any costs will be incurred, these must be agreed with Clyde before the work is carried out.

How does a

service work?

Choose a car in subscription

Arrange an

Book yourself in to one of our many partner garages. If you’ll be needing a replacement vehicle, let your garage know.

Choose the subscription options

Get your car

You can get the service done at a partner garage authorised by the manufacturer. Free and easy!

Already the car subscription is ready - Freedom can come

Pick up

The garage will let you know when the service is complete and your car is ready to collect.

Whether you have an accident, breakdown, or just need a tyre change or service, Clyde is here to help.

Had an accident or breakdown in your Clyde car? Got any questions about tyre changes? Whatever the situation, you can count on Clyde. Find out more on our Help pages, send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on +41 44 315 40 55.


We’ve got the answers.

If the work is expected to take longer than two hours (e.g. service or warranty work), we will provide you with a replacement vehicle while the work is carried out.

You should definitely follow the manufacturer’s deadline for the upcoming service. This is simply because once the deadline has passed, the costs for roadside assistance and other measures to keep your car on the road will no longer be covered. We cover the costs associated with the service, but the responsibility for getting it done lies entirely with you.

Garages often offer seasonal checks for things like fluid levels, windscreen condition, lights and brakes. If you want to have these checks done, you’ll need to pay for them.