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Subscription & payment

With us, your car is not only available in easy, but also in fast. After receipt of your first monthly payment, we will provide you with your car within 10 working days (valid for cars immediately available from stock). The exact delivery conditions will be shown to you when you make your booking.

It couldn’t be easier: your car will be delivered to your door and picked up there as well. Without surcharge of course. Alternatively, you can choose to pick up your car at one of the following locations:

- AMAG Kreuzlingen, Kreuzlingen
- AMAG Autowelt, Dübendorf
- AMAG Zug, Cham
- AMAG Bern, Bern
- AMAG Lausanne, Lausanne
- AMAG Petit-Lancy, Petit-Lancy
- Pargger AG, Stans

Your electric car fits in completely with your lifestyle – and that includes where you live. So, you will get a license plate from your canton of residence.

At least 20 years old, residency in Switzerland oder Liechtenstein, valid driving licence (category B) and a successful credit check. If you fit these criteria, you’re a match. If not, your dream car has to stay with us for a little longer.

Yes, the car must be picked up personally by whoever has made the booking - in case of a pool vehicle by the most frequent driver. Please bring your valid driving license for identification purposes.

Currently you can pay with credit and debit cards from Mastercard and Visa. Unfortunately, other providers are not yet available.

Energy Benefit

This calculation example illustrates how much you could save:
Booked mileage package: 1,000 km/month
Average consumption of the electric car: 20 kWh/100 km
Estimated electricity consumption per month: (1,000/100) * 20 = 200 kWh
Electricity consumption from public charging: 50 kWh
Voucher amount: (200 kWh – 50 kWh) * CHF 0.30/kWh = CHF 45

Oh yes, and we’re very proud of that! Our absolute highlight is our unique Clyde Energy Benefit. Clyde is the only provider to include the costs for electricity at both public charging stations and private wallboxes:

Public charging: If you charge your electric car at one of the countless public charging stations in our partner charging network, the charging costs are already covered by your monthly payment.

Private charging: If you charge privately, for example at home on your private wallbox or at work, your charging costs will be credited to you in the form of vouchers.

With Clyde, electricity is included – and that applies to all electric car subscribers from May 26, 2023. Of course, you can also benefit from the Clyde Energy Benefit without a home charging solution. If you charge your electric car at one of the countless public charging stations in our partner charging network in Switzerland or throughout Europe, electricity is included in your monthly payment. The bill is sent automatically to Clyde.

We calculate your private electricity consumption as follows:

Mileage package x average vehicle consumption per kilometre – electricity consumption from public charging = electricity consumption from private charging

So if you charge your vehicle a lot at public charging stations, you may not be issued a voucher for private charging.

If you charge your vehicle privately, such as at home or at work, or drive economically or less than your booked mileage, we’ll offset this electricity consumption with a credit note of CHF 0.30/kWh in the form of vouchers that you can put towards your next monthly payment. How it works:

Step 1: We calculate your private electricity consumption at the end of each month: Mileage package x average vehicle consumption per kilometre – electricity consumption from public charging = electricity consumption from private charging.

Step 2: We’ll offset your electricity consumption from private charging with a credit of CHF 0.30/kWh in the form of vouchers.

Step 3: You can put these vouchers towards your next monthly payment. You can keep track of the amount remaining on your vouchers at any time by heading to Clyde Energy Benefit in MyClyde .

In half an hour at a rapid charging point, in a couple of hours at a wallbox or even overnight from a socket at home. And the range of options available for charging electric cars is expanding all the time. A growing number of businesses, public car parks, motorway service stations and landlords are now providing charging stations. You can easily find out where your nearest public charging points are by visiting

Good news for all e-drivers at Clyde – thanks to our Clyde Energy Benefit, electricity is included – both public and private.

Simply contact our partner Helion. You can find a non-binding cost check for your home charging solution here.

Duration, kilometres & conditions

Cars available immediately from stock can be booked up to 30 days in advance at the earliest.You can also find cars that are not immediately available on, e.g. cars that will be available in the coming months. You can book these as many days in advance as you like. However, the delivery of the car must take place in the month of availability indicated by us. For example, if you book a car in January that will be available from April, the car you book must be delivered to you in April. The minimum term you have chosen begins on the day the car is handed over to you

The right to drive extends to journeys in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, in the states of Europe and in the Mediterranean rim and island states. The insurance cover does not apply in the following countries and driving in these countries is therefore prohibited: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Russian Federation, Syria, Ukraine and Belarus.The predominant place of use of the car must be in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

No problem! After you have returned the car, we’ll send you a separate invoice. Regardless of the vehicle, we will charge you a price per additional kilometre according to our catalogue of fees.

We will gladly accept your change of address via e-mail [email protected]. As soon as we have registered your new address, we will initiate the ordering of the insurance certificate, which will be sent directly to the traffic office (STVA).

Depending on the canton, Clyde will fill out a location form that will be provided for your visit to the traffic office (STVA) to exchange your licence plate.

Please take your ID and, if applicable, your licence plate with you so that the documents and, if applicable, your licence plate can be exchanged. Please also send us a copy of your new vehicle registration document.

Insurance, damage, tyres & service

You can easily have the service done in a garage authorized by the manufacturer. You drive the car, Clyde will take care of inspection, wear and tear. Easy!

No worries – it happens to the best of us. If there’s been an accident or your car has broken down, your first call should be to the below number depending on your car brand – then let us know.

- Audi, Seat, Skoda und VW: +41 848 024 365
- Porsche:+41 800 724 911
- Tesla: +41 618 553 021
- Polestar: +41 800 564 519
- BMW & Mini: +41 84 485 7575
- Mercedes: +41 22 567 53 34
- Dacia: +41 44 777 03 75
- Bentley: 00800 4886 4886

Brand not found?
Please contact Allianz Roadside Assistance:

0800 22 33 44 (Switzerland)
+41 43 311 99 11 (Abroad)

For other kinds of damage, you can come straight to us. More information can be found here .

If your car is delivered between 1 April and 31 August, it will be equipped with summer tyres. If it’s delivered between 1 September and 31 March, you’ll get your Clyde with winter tyres. When it comes time for a tyre change, you can arrange an appointment with one of the following Clyde tyre partners . The removed tyres will be stored for you. More information can be found here.

As a general rule, you should use winter tyres from October to Easter. And from Easter to October, you’re best off using summer tyres. But bear in mind: depending on the weather, an early switch from summer to winter tyres might be in order. Most manufacturers recommend making the switch when the temperature dips below 7 degrees Celsius.

Safe, safe, really safe. Besides the third-party liability insurance there’s a partial and fully comprehensive cover.

With Clyde, glass breakage* of the front, rear and side windows as well as the glass roof are covered as standard in the partially comprehensive insurance. Natural hazards such as hail and storm damage or flood damage are also covered.
You are also protected against vandalism, animal accidents, fire and theft.

The deductible for private customers and pool cars is CHF 0.

For private customers, the standard deductible for the fully comprehensive insurance (collision) is CHF 1,500 and can be reduced to CHF 1,000 or CHF 500 on request for an additional fee in the booking process. The deductible of the fully comprehensive cover covers damage to your own car caused by classic collision events (e.g. collision with another car, collision with a pillar, etc.). The deductible is always calculated per damage. If damage is caused to another car, a person or an object in the event of a collision, this is covered by the liability insurance. For private customers, the deductible of the liability insurance is CHF 0.

The deductible for pool vehicles is CHF 1000 for liability insurance and CHF 1500 for fully comprehensive insurance (collision). In this case reducing the deductible is not possible.

For a monthly surcharge, you can choose the Insurance Plus option, which covers you additionally for glass and parking damage.

*Please note: Scratches on the glass that did not lead to glass breakage - caused by a car wash, ice scraping, windscreen wipers, etc. - are not covered and must be paid for by the customer.

The package includes the following aspects:

Parking damage cover:
With this additional option, two claims** per calendar year caused by persons unknown are also insured. The deductible is CHF 0 and the sum insured is unlimited.

Extended glass cover:
Insurance Plus covers all damage* to vehicle parts made of glass, Plexiglas or similar materials (e.g. headlight and indicator lenses or rear-view mirror lenses against stone chipping).

*Please note: Scratches on the glass that did not lead to glass breakage - caused by a car wash, ice scraping, windscreen wipers or similar - are not covered and must be paid for by the customer.

**Please note: In the event of punctures/damage to tyres and rims (e.g. touching a kerb when parking is collision damage), you must bear all costs incurred in connection with the damage event yourself - in the case of rim damage, up to the amount of the selected deductible for comprehensive insurance. The deductible applies per claim.

Vehicle exchange & return

Clyde is committed to complete flexibility and only offers electric cars on a subscription basis. But luckily, it feels just like driving your own electric car. Thanks to our subscription periods, ranging from 3 to 48 months, you have the flexibility to determine how long you’d like to be on the road and can easily switch to another model once the minimum subscription period has expired if your wishes or needs change.

In principle, we want to make life as easy as possible for you. However, we do reserve the right to change your car for an equivalent one after 24 months or 40,000 km. Should this be the case, we will inform you two months in advance.

After your minimum subscription duration you can cancel your subscription at any time on MyClyde with a notice period of at least 10 days before the end of your subscription period.

When you return the vehicle, we will collect it directly from your home. Please do not forget to return the vehicle with a charged battery, undamaged, cleaned (car 1x through the car wash & vacuuming), roadworthy, in accordance with its age and mileage, with all keys and associated components and documents.

Switching your car is very easy. Just send us an email to [email protected] with the following information:

- Link to the desired car
- Desired mileage package
- Desired minimum subscription duration

Our Customer Care will contact you for a changeover date. Return and handover will be on the same day.

Back to New? Switching your car within the minimum subscription duration is unfortunately not possible. After your minimum subscription duration has expired, you can easily switch cars.

Drive smart. Drive Clyde.