I’ve had a breakdown.

Rapid assistance in the event of a breakdown.

Is there an issue with your vehicle that was not caused by an accident? Are you getting a warning light on your dashboard or an error message on the display? Is your car making an unusual noise or just won’t start? We’ll be happy to help.

Breakdown, what to do now?

    Call roadside assistance.

    If your car is not roadworthy, phone our 24-hour tow service for a free replacement vehicle.

    Arrange an appointment.

    If your car is still roadworthy, make an appointment with a Clyde partner garage that carries your brand of vehicle.

    Tell Clyde.

    Report your breakdown to Clyde via email at [email protected]. We’ll take a look at your claim and let you know if we need any more information.

How are you covered in the event of a breakdown?

If it’s a technical fault not caused by external interference, you won’t need to pay anything. This type of fault is covered either by your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty or by Clyde. You will be informed by the garage or Clyde in each individual case.

24-hour roadside assistance

There’s always someone here to help:

Audi, Seat, Škoda und VW
+41 848 024 365

+41 800 724 911

+41 618 553 021

+41 800 600 015

+41 84 485 7575

+41 22 567 53 34

+41 44 777 03 75

Brand not found?
Please contact Allianz Roadside Assistance:

0800 22 33 44 (Switzerland)
+41 43 311 99 11 (Abroad)

Not to worry – we’ve got your breakdown under control.

Breakdowns happen – even in a Clyde car. We’ll be by your side if you ever break down. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or give us a call on +41 43 551 06 15. Our service hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.
Been in an accident? Click here.

Questions asked by other customers

No worries – it happens to the best of us. If there’s been an accident or your car has broken down, your first call should be to the below number depending on your car brand – then let us know.

- Audi, Seat, Skoda und VW: +41 848 024 365
- Porsche:+41 800 724 911
- Tesla: +41 618 553 021
- Polestar: +41 800 564 519
- BMW & Mini: +41 84 485 7575
- Mercedes: +41 22 567 53 34
- Dacia: +41 44 777 03 75
- Bentley: 00800 4886 4886

Brand not found?
Please contact Allianz Roadside Assistance:

0800 22 33 44 (Switzerland)
+41 43 311 99 11 (Abroad)

For other kinds of damage, you can come straight to us. More information can be found here .

The package includes the following aspects:

Parking Damage:
Extends the insurance coverage to damage caused by unknown persons to the parked vehicle. Touching a kerb, on the other hand, is collision damage and is not covered by the insurance. Two (2) cases are included per calendar year. The deductible for corresponding damage is CHF 0 and the sum insured is unlimited.

Extended glass coverage:
In the partially comprehensive insurance the glass breakage of the front, rear and side windows as well as the glass roof is insured as standard. Extended coverage additionally insures all vehicle parts made of glass, Plexiglas or similar hard materials (e.g. headlights, auxiliary headlights, fog lights, turn signal lenses, reflectors, reversing lamps, rearview mirrors and license plate lighting). The deductible for corresponding damage is CHF 0.

First, check your car’s manual. If you can’t find the physical copy of your manual, you can find a digital copy in your car’s infotainment system. Basically, red or flashing icons indicate an urgent problem and require immediate action. You should contact your garage and stop driving the car. Yellow warning lights should be checked as soon as possible, and you need to contact your garage. As the driver of the car, you are responsible for this.

Clyde’s roadside assistance also operates abroad. Please contact roadside assistance for your make of vehicle.

If your car needs repairs through no fault of your own or if the work is expected to take longer than two hours (e.g. service or warranty work), we will provide you with a replacement vehicle while the work is carried out.

Safely back on the road – thanks to our breakdown heroes.