Charge with solar energy. Drive with electricity.
Be part of a sustainable movement.

Get moving with a smile on your face. Electric cars bring more than just joy. They’re the future! The main highlight from Clyde: if you subscribe to an electric car, your charging is already covered by our charging flat rate at a wide range of public charging stations – now with an ever-increasing proportion of solar energy. Clyde is now investing in solar projects from the Swiss start-up Solarify. Become part of the community and drive into a more sustainable future with your electric car subscription and the addition of solar energy to the mix!

flat rate

Clyde goes electric! Including e-car flat rate for charging.

Charge your electric car for free –
now with solar energy!

The new motto among Clyde e-drivers: e-mobility made easy and sustainable, thanks to Clyde’s flat rate for charging. You can now charge your Clyde fully electric car (BEV) for free at all public charging stations in the swisscharge.ch network in Switzerland and throughout Europe – now with an ever-increasing proportion of solar energy. As an e-driver, you can make the most of our produce – charge – drive mobility cycle.

What is the mobility cycle about?



In future, Clyde electric cars will run on renewable energy from photovoltaic systems as far as possible. That’s why Clyde is entering into a partnership with the Swiss start-up Solarify, investing in solar panels and indirectly ensuring that its electric fleet is powered by clean energy.


With the charging flat rate included in the electric car subscription, subscribers can charge for free at a wide range of public charging stations – now with solar energy produced by Clyde and fed into the local electricity network to improve the Swiss energy mix.


Driving into a more sustainable future together. When you subscribe to an electric car with Clyde, you join with us in a broad community focused on renewable energies.

Driving into a more sustainable future together.

Electric cars can make a significant contribution to a better carbon footprint. However, they’re only truly sustainable if they’re powered by electricity from renewable sources.

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Both run on electric, with hybrids also featuring an additional combustion engine. This allows you to cover long distances without relying on charging infrastructure.

Plug-in hybrids are charged at a socket like electric cars, in contrast to full hybrids that only charge while driving. Plug-in hybrids use their electric motor as the main engine for shorter distances, while full hybrids only use it as back-up for their combustion engine – in stop-and-go traffic, for instance.

Plug-in hybrids use their electric motor for the first stretch of a journey, with a combustion engine taking over afterwards. And with electric cars, the range depends on the battery power – this can deliver up to 400 km before needing to be charged. We always include the specific range in the car info, to give you peace of mind. And ultimately, it comes down to you – the more you enjoy an unhurried drive, the further you’ll get.

In half an hour at a rapid charging point, in a couple of hours at a wall box or even overnight from a socket at home. And there are more and more options for charging plug-in hybrids and electric cars – a growing number of businesses, public car parks, motorway service stations and landlords are now providing charging stations. You can easily find out where your nearest public charging point is by visiting swisscharge.ch.

Good news for all e-drivers at Clyde: thanks to the flat rate for charging you get as part of your subscription for a fully electric car, you will be saved the hassle of having to compare prices between different public charging stations. You can charge your Clyde electric car quite easily for free at any charging station in the swisscharge.ch network in Switzerland and Europe using a Clyde x swisscharge charging card. The costs are already included in your Clyde subscription.

We’ve got good news: when you choose a fully electric car (BEV) from Clyde, you can also enjoy our flat rate for charging. What that means in practice is that you can use your Clyde x swisscharge card to charge your car for free at any of the charging stations in the swisscharge.ch network in Switzerland and throughout Europe. The charging costs are already included in your monthly subscription rate and you will receive the charging card automatically by post when your subscription starts.

For all Tesla drivers: if you charge your Tesla at a swisscharge.ch charging station, we will of course pick up the costs. Obviously, you can also charge it via the Tesla app at all Tesla Supercharger stations. However, please note that this is not included in the flat rate and you will have to pay the costs separately yourself.

If you choose a plug-in hybrid car, you can decide for yourself which Swiss charging network provider you want to use. As soon as you register with your favourite provider via the app, your charging will simply be billed via your credit card.

Of course. You can sign up for a car for a month. This lets you see if you’re really charged up for electric.

Drive electric throughout Switzerland with a car subscription.

All plain and simple? Get your electric car subscription now, and charge with no additional costs and an ever-increasing proportion of solar energy. We have the cars to get you to your destination.