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Both run on electric, with hybrids also featuring an additional combustion engine. This allows you to cover long distances without relying on charging infrastructure. FYI: in our range, you will find only plug-in hybrids – these are charged at a socket like electric cars and use their electric motor as the main engine for shorter distances.

Just to be clear, at Clyde you will only find plug-in hybrids. These are charged at a socket like electric cars, in contrast to full hybrids that only charge while driving. Plug-ins use their electric motor as the main engine for shorter distances, while full hybrids only use it as back-up for their combustion engine – in stop-and-go traffic, for instance.

Plug-in hybrids use their electric motor for the first stretch of a journey, with a combustion engine taking over afterwards. And with electric cars, the range depends on the battery power – this can deliver up to 400 km before needing to be charged. We always include the specific range in the car info, to give you peace of mind. And ultimately, it comes down to you – the more you enjoy an unhurried drive, the further you’ll get.

In half an hour at a rapid charging point, in a couple of hours at a wall box or even overnight from a socket at home. And there are always more options for charging plug-in hybrids and electric cars – a growing number of businesses, public car parks, motorway service stations and landlords are providing charging stations. As yet, the infrastructure is not available in all city neighbourhoods and towns. You can easily find out where your nearest charging point is by visiting

With every electric car or plug-in hybrid subscription, we give you your very own charging card to take along with you for paying at stations. Once you have registered the card online, you can charge your car at any available charging station across the country. The amount is debited from your account automatically at the end of each month via credit card. You can also pay using all commonly accepted payment methods. FYI: If you’re driving a Tesla, you can also charge it via the Tesla app at all Tesla Supercharger stations.

Of course. You can sign up for a car for a month. This lets you see if you’re really charged up for electric.

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