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Electric mobility: the future of today.

Did you opt for the ‘Premium – with electricity’ option when configuring your electric car subscription? If so, the cost of charging your car at home, at work or on the go is included in your monthly payment. Electricity included.

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Charging on the go

With the Clyde Energy Benefit, you're free to charge your electric car in Switzerland and throughout Europe – the charging costs are already included in your monthly payment. So you don’t have to worry about the price – or the distance.

Tips & tricks for charging

You can find out how charging works, how many public charging stations there are in Switzerland or whether you need to choose a charging provider here.

Public charging – how it works.


    You will receive your personal login details by email from our partner The charging card will be sent to you by post.


    Charge your electric car at one of the many public charging stations in the swisscharge charging network in Switzerland and throughout Europe.


    The bill for your public charging goes to Clyde, so you can expect no additional costs.

Charging time. It’s quicker than you think.

Switzerland has a growing fast charging network of over 1000 stations. Charging capacities at the fast charging stations are now between 50 and 350 kW, which equates to a range increase of 250 to 750 kilometres per hour. Under ideal conditions, you can charge your battery from 5% to 80% in just under 30 minutes. Need ideas for what to do during your charging stop? You’ll find some here.

Charging privately – how it works.


    At the beginning of a calendar month, we calculate your personal electricity consumption for the previous month.


    We compensate your electricity consumption from private charging with a credit of 0.30 CHF/kWh in the form of vouchers.


    You can use your vouchers for your next monthly payment. On MyClyde under ‘Clyde Energy Benefit’, you always have an overview of how much you have on your vouc

Wallbox for my electric car, but how?

Want to charge your electric car at home but don’t know what options are available to you as a homeowner, co-owner or renter?

Any questions?

Thanks to our Premium option, where you book the Clyde Energy Benefit, electricity at public charging stations and private wallboxes is included:

Public charging: if you charge your electric car at one of the countless public charging stations in our partner charging network, the charging costs are already covered by your monthly payment.

Private charging: if you charge privately, for example at home on your private wallbox or at work, your charging costs will be credited to you in the form of vouchers.

With Clyde, electricity is included if you choose the ‘Premium – with electricity’ option, i.e. our Clyde Energy Benefit, when configuring your electric car. Of course, you can also take advantage of the Clyde Energy Benefit without a home charging solution. If you charge your electric car at one of the countless public charging stations in our partner charging network in Switzerland or throughout Europe, electricity is included in your monthly payment. The bill is sent automatically to Clyde.

Our Clyde Energy Benefit provides the following promise: Electricity is included at all public charging stations within our partner charging network. If you charge your vehicle privately or drive economically, your charging costs will be credited to you in the form of vouchers.For public charging, the Clyde Energy Benefit is designed to cover your average electricity requirements based on your car and mileage package. Say you have a holiday coming up in the next month and you’ll be on the road a little more than usual: that’s not a problem at all. If, however, we have reason to believe that you’re ignoring our General Terms and Conditions by consuming an unusual amount of electricity, we reserve the right to pass on the costs incurred for wrongful usage to you and to charge a service fee on top.

In half an hour at a rapid charging point, in a couple of hours at a wall box, or even overnight from a socket at home. The range of options available for charging electric cars is expanding all the time. A growing number of businesses, public car parks, motorway service stations and landlords are now providing charging points. You can easily find out where your nearest public charging point is by visiting

If you choose the ‘Premium – with electricity’ option with Clyde, electricity is already included thanks to the Clyde Energy Benefit – for both public and private charging.

Public charging via your Clyde x swisscharge charging card or via your account in the app is already included in your subscription – provided you chose the ‘Premium – with electricity’ option when configuring your electric car. In this case, we will handle the bill. Do note, however, that you are required to use your login credentials. You cannot use a different or private account for this. If you do so, we cannot transfer these charging costs to your regular account or reimburse you for them. If you wish to charge your car at a public charging point that is not part of the network, be aware that this is not covered by your monthly payment, so you will have to pay for it separately.

For all Tesla drivers: if you charge your Tesla at a public charging station, we will of course also cover the costs if you have chosen the ‘Premium – with electricity’ option. Obviously, you can also charge your Tesla via the Tesla app at all Tesla Superchargers. Please note, however, that you will need to pay these costs separately. As soon as you register with your favourite provider via the app, your charging will simply be billed via your credit card.

With the ‘Basic: without electricity’ option, your charging costs are not included in your monthly payment and will be billed separately via your charge:ON charging card. You will receive an email from charge:ON which you can use to register. The charging card will then be sent to your home by post.

A full charge, for free.