Clyde Energy Benefit.

Everything is included. Even electricity.

The most sustainable and the easiest e-mobility automotive solution available in Switzerland: Clyde. Benefit from an electric car subscription that includes everything – even electricity from public charging stations, at work and at home. Only Clyde offers you that.

Whether at home, at the office or on the road – we’ll pay for your electricity.

If you charge your electric car at one of the many public charging stations in our network of charging partners in Switzerland and throughout Europe, the electricity is included in your monthly rate. If you charge your electric car privately, i.e. at home or at work, we will compensate your electricity consumption with a credit of 0.30 CHF/kWh in the form of vouchers, which you can use for your next monthly payment.

Your savings potential with private charging.

Clyde not only offers enthusiastic electric car experts, but also true maths geniuses who calculate your private electricity consumption as follows: mileage package x average consumption of the vehicle per kilometre – electricity from public charging = electricity from private charging. How much you can ultimately benefit from vouchers depends on your individual situation.

Redeem vouchers and save.

You can easily redeem your Clyde Energy Benefit Voucher and manage your Clyde electric car subscription via your personal Clyde portal. The redeemed vouchers will be automatically deducted from your next monthly payment.

Earn money with your own solar system.

If you are a homeowner with a photovoltaic system installed on your roof, you can enjoy twice the benefits. By charging your electric car through your PV system, you’ll double the rate you normally get for the solar power you generate (based on: median electricity price in Switzerland). We pay you 0.30 CHF/kWh for charging at home – considerably more than the rate offered by local electricity suppliers. Thanks to Clyde, your solar system will become a profitable investment more quickly.

Any questions?

This calculation example illustrates how much you could save:
Booked mileage package: 1,000 km/month
Average consumption of the electric car: 20 kWh/100 km
Estimated electricity consumption per month: (1,000/100) * 20 = 200 kWh
Electricity consumption from public charging: 50 kWh
Voucher amount: (200 kWh – 50 kWh) * CHF 0.30/kWh = CHF 45

If you charge your vehicle privately, such as at home or at work, or drive economically or less than your booked mileage, we’ll offset this electricity consumption with a credit note of CHF 0.30/kWh in the form of vouchers that you can put towards your next monthly payment. How it works:

Step 1: We calculate your private electricity consumption at the end of each month: Mileage package x average vehicle consumption per kilometre – electricity consumption from public charging = electricity consumption from private charging.

Step 2: We’ll offset your electricity consumption from private charging with a credit of CHF 0.30/kWh in the form of vouchers.

Step 3: You can put these vouchers towards your next monthly payment. You can keep track of the amount remaining on your vouchers at any time by heading to Clyde Energy Benefit in MyClyde .

Electricity is included at all public charging stations in the network in Switzerland and throughout Europe thanks to the Clyde Energy Benefit. The charging costs are already included in your monthly subscription rate. If you charge your Tesla at a public charging station, we will of course cover the costs, too.The Clyde Energy Benefit does not, however, include the following:

- Charging at public charging stations that are not part of the network
- Charging at public charging stations that was not initiated by entering the login credentials provided or via the free charging card
- Charging via the Tesla app at a public Tesla Supercharger charging station

You will need to pay these costs separately.

Simply contact our partner Helion. You can find a non-binding cost check for your home charging solution here.

Solutions for the future: win-win for the environment and your piggy bank.