Driving fun can be this electrifyingly simple.

Not interested in all the paperwork required to get a car? You’re right on track with Clyde. After all, we’re the only provider that includes everything – even electricity at public and private charging stations. All you have to do is sit back, buckle up and enjoy e-mobility.

Here’s how
it works.

Discover your car on subscription from Clyde - a great car selection just for you

Choose an electric car.

You can choose from the latest electric models from Audi, VW, Škoda and others in our large fleet.

Totally flexible - you choose your duration of subscription

Choose a supscription period.

Long or short? You can choose from a minimum contract duration of 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 months.

Choose how many kilometers you drive per month

Select a mileage.

Occasional or frequent driver? We have nine different mileage packages ranging from 250 to 4,000 km.

Our car is ready for you in 10 working days

Enjoy e-mobility.

A fixed monthly rate, electricity included, no registration fee, free home delivery. Full speed ahead.

One price, all inclusive. Even electricity.

For your electric car, you just pay a fixed monthly fee that covers everything – even the one-of-a-kind “Clyde Energy Benefit”: when you charge your electric car at one of the countless public charging stations in our partner charging network, the electricity is included. Private charging is credited in the form of vouchers.


Your electric car.
One fixed price.

With the “Clyde Energy Benefit”, electricity is included at all public charging stations in our partner charging network.

Private charging, such as at home or at work, is credited in the form of vouchers. You can offset this against your next monthly instalment.

Your car subscription is as unique as you are. From 250 km to 4,000 km: you decide what’s best for your lifestyle.

Everything included: Third-party liability, comprehensive and partial casco. You enjoy free travel and decide which deductible suits you best (partial cover/liability CHF 0, fully comprehensive insurance deductible CHF 500, 1,000 or 1,500).

No surprises: all you have to do is drive. Clyde’s partners will take care of all inspections and replacement parts.

Not convinced yet? How about this: everything is included in your subscription price.

Full speed ahead. Clyde will make sure your car has the right tyres for the time of year. We’ll also store them for you.

Your life, your region, your numberplate. All of our cars are registered in your canton of residence.

At your side. A new chapter for the new year. It’s our gift to you. So get out there.

Share the experience: your friends and family can get behind the wheel too, if you like. Clyde’s fine with it.

We deliver your electric car to your doorstep wherever you are in Switzerland. Almost as fast as your favourite pizza!

The Clyde adventure gets off to a relaxed start – with no starting fee.

EVs from Clyde are more than 15% cheaper than ICE cars on average.

Does a Clyde electric car seem expensive to you and think it costs less to buy or lease? Many car owners often forget relevant cost factors such as depreciation, fuel and loan interest when making their calculations. With Clyde, you’ll only pay your monthly fixed price for your electric car – everything is included. It is on average over 15% cheaper from a total cost perspective to subscribe to one of the most popular electric cars with Clyde than to finance comparable ICEVs via leasing or buying on a loan.


The VW ID.4 and other electric cars in the car subscription from Clyde
Electricity at public charging stations
Electricity at a private wall box
Insurance including additional drivers
Service & repairs
Tyre change, wear and storage
Annual vignette
24/7 emergency assistance
Replacement vehicle
Charging card

Changing your electric car? Easy!

Family visit planned? The electric SUV is coming! Want to feel the wind in your hair? A sporty number is right up your street. Want to test other electric models? Easy! After the minimum subscription period, you can relax and switch to a different electric car.


Yes. Yes. And yes again. Clyde’s all about keeping things transparent. We don’t have any hidden costs. Life is full of important moments – we want you to have the time and freedom to enjoy them. How? By delivering your car to your door and picking it up once your subscription has ended.
You get what you see – we promise. That means the exact electric car that you’ve seen and chosen on the website*.

*Except for Clyde Deal, where vehicles may be delivered with a minimally different configuration.
If you charge your vehicle privately, such as at home or at work, or drive economically or less than your booked mileage, we’ll offset this electricity consumption with a credit note of CHF 0.30/kWh in the form of vouchers that you can put towards your next monthly payment.

How it works:

Step 1:
We calculate your private electricity consumption at the end of each month: Mileage package x average vehicle consumption per kilometre – electricity consumption from public charging = electricity consumption from private charging.

Step 2:
We’ll offset your electricity consumption from private charging with a credit of CHF 0.30/kWh in the form of vouchers.

Step 3:
You can put these vouchers towards your next monthly payment. You can keep track of the amount remaining on your vouchers at any time by heading to Clyde Energy Benefit in MyClyde .
It’s easy: because Clyde is the only provider that really offers everything included. Of course, this also includes the starting fee.
Your electric car fits in completely with your lifestyle – and that includes where you live. So, you will get a license plate from your canton of residence.
Oh yes, and we’re very proud of that!

Our biggest highlight is our unique Clyde Energy Benefit. Clyde is the only provider that includes the costs for electricity at both public charging stations and private wall boxes:

Public charging:
When you charge your electric car at one of the countless public charging stations in our partner charging network, the charging costs are already covered by your monthly payment.

Private charging:
If you charge privately, for example at home via your private wall box or at work, your charging costs will be credited to you in the form of vouchers.
Clyde is committed to complete flexibility and only offers electric cars on a subscription basis. But luckily, it feels just like driving your own electric car. Thanks to our seven subscription periods, ranging from 1 to 48 months, you have the flexibility to determine how long you’d like to be on the road and can easily switch to another model once the minimum subscription period has expired if your wishes or needs change.

All-inclusive e-mobility for you.