100% electric

Because Clyde goes the extra mile.

With a comprehensive Swiss mobility offering that includes electricity production, charging infrastructure and electric vehicles, we want to facilitate the switch to electric mobility and make a significant contribution to the energy transition.

Why choose e-mobility with Clyde?

    We are more sustainable.

    Together, we are contributing to Switzerland’s climate targets. Our 100% electric fleet minimises emissions for a greener environment and an enjoyable drive!

    We are cheaper.

    Our electric car subscription is 15% cheaper than comparable combustion-engine cars on a lease. The monthly payment includes all costs – including electricity.

    We are simpler.

    Our prices are 100% transparent – at Clyde, you pay a fixed price. The switch to e-mobility has never been so easy and risk-free.

    We are more dynamic.

    Our 100% electric fleet shines with the latest electric cars. Every single model guarantees fun behind the wheel thanks to the latest technology.

Electromobility for fans and experienced users, technology enthusiasts and those who are environmentally conscious

More on the future of e-mobility and why it makes sense to focus on the sustainable alternative to traditional combustion engines. The following sections on our blog provide you with further information, tips, tricks and interesting facts.

Find the electric car of your dreams.

We have the right electric car for every taste. Whether Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi, MINI, CUPRA or Polestar - your favourite car is already waiting for you. Are you ready?

Always thinking one step ahead.