A flat-rate car subscription – only with Clyde.

Simple and flexible

Car subscriptions are the future

Make your mobility as individual as you are. With a Clyde car subscription.

Explore cars!

Don’t buy a car – subscribe to it

You no longer need to own a car to be mobile. Clyde allows you to subscribe to a car on your own terms and for as long as you need.

What we offer

Our flat-rate car subscription offers you complete flexibility at a predictable cost and without any registration fees. You only need to pay for your electricity or petrol on top.

The car subscription is so simple

You can book it in a matter of clicks, drive for as long as you need, swap your car within ten days after the minimum subscription period and tailor your inclusive kilometres to your needs every month.

A car subscription without hidden costs

If you want to be financially flexible and have complete control over your car costs, the Clyde car subscription is made for you.

Our subscription term

The Clyde car subscription has a minimum term of three months. Afterwards, you can cancel your subscription with 30 days’ notice at any time. This means that you don’t need to decide on a subscription term in advance.

Our kilometre bundles

On top of a flexible subscription period, we offer various kilometre bundles. Depending on your driving needs, you can choose one of three bundles: 900 km/month (S), 1800 km/month (M) or 3000 km/month (L).

If you drive less than usual in any given month, your remaining kilometres will be transferred to the next. After the initial three months are up, you can switch between cars and bundles.

Don’t worry we take care  

We also take care of all the little things that you would normally have to handle yourself: paperwork, insurance, registration, service and even tyre changes.

Subscribe to your car – every three months?

With a Clyde car subscription, you have complete control over your costs and can react to new financial or life situations flexibly. And there’s more: we offer you the freedom of driving the perfect car for each new situation. Brand, model, accessories, colour – you name it, we have it.

We don’t do categories. You will be driving the exact car you choose.

Our fleet contains the latest VW, Audi, Seat and ŠKODA models.
If you fancy a change after your initial three-month subscription period, you can simply switch to a different car.

Service & wear

Just take your car to a garage that has been authorised by the manufacturer for services. We’ll pay.


Your car is fully insured: we provide third-party liability and comprehensive (partial/full) cover. (Excess: fully comprehensive cover: CHF 1000.– / partially comprehensive cover: CHF 0.–.)


Clyde ensures you’ve got the right tyres – all year round, with no additional costs for changes or storage.

Registration & taxes

With no effort or expense for you. Your car is registered in your canton of residence.

Multiple drivers allowed

Family and friends can also drive your car.

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