Tesla Model Y on subscription

**Tesla Model Y** on subscription

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A Tesla for every occasion.

Had your eye on Elon Musk’s masterpiece for a while now, and can’t wait to get cruising in a Tesla Model Y? With a Clyde car subscription, your wish is our command. If you choose the Tesla Model Y with a range of 533 kilometres, then a unique driving experience awaits you. That’s because the Tesla four-wheel drive uses two highly dynamic, separate electric engines at the same time. These distribute the torque to the front and rear wheels via a digital control system, ensuring even better handling, superior traction and enhanced steering stability.

The model in detail

Your available Tesla Model Y on subscription

Unfortunately we currently have no Tesla Model Y available.

Unfortunately there's no car of this model available. But also others are looking forward to a loving home. Nothing to it? Write us [email protected] what you are looking for.