Charge your electric car for free –
now with solar energy!

The new motto among Clyde electric drivers: elecrtric mobility made easy and sustainable. You can now charge your fully electric car (BEV) for free. Thanks to our unique "Clyde Energy Benefit", electricity is included both at public charging stations and at home or work – now with an ever-increasing proportion of solar energy. As an e-driver, you can make the most of our produce – charge – drive mobility cycle.

What is the mobility cycle about?



In future, Clyde electric cars will run on renewable energy from photovoltaic systems as far as possible. That’s why Clyde is entering into a partnership with the Swiss start-up Solarify, investing in solar panels and indirectly ensuring that its electric fleet is powered by clean energy.


Electricity is included. You can now charge for free at any public charging stations in our partner network in Switzerland and throughout all of Europe. Private charging is credited in the form of vouchers. Now with an ever-increasing proportion of solar power.


Driving into a more sustainable future together. When you subscribe to an electric car with Clyde, you join with us in a broad community focused on renewable energies.

Driving into a more sustainable future together.

Electric cars can make a significant contribution to a better carbon footprint. However, they’re only truly sustainable if they’re powered by electricity from renewable sources.


made easy.

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Choose a subscription period of 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 months and a mileage package ranging from 250 all the way up to 4,000 kilometres per month.

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You’ll be driving around in your all-inclusive electric car in just 10 working days, without any expensive electricity bills – because electricity is included.

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