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Four things to be aware of when buying a used car

Switzerland has a very healthy used-car market, with almost 900,000 used cars changing hands every year. But be careful – buying a second-hand vehicle can come with many hidden risks. Here are four things to be aware of so you don’t fall into a used-car trap:

Looks can be deceiving!

Whether it’s online dating or buying second hand, you’d be better off taking a second look at the profile. There’s not only the risk that a used car could need a major repair, but any damages from accidents in the past could end up costing you extra in the future and leave you feeling very annoyed. Unfortunately, sellers don’t have to disclose minor damages, so it’s better to run it by an expert first before your purchase turns out to be a pig in a poke.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Going for a test drive is a must. If you’ve inspected the second-hand car visually and you still want to buy it, you should put it through its paces. This means paying close attention to how the engine hums, the brakes squeal, the seating vibrates and the clutch judders. As long as you’re not engulfed by plumes of blue smoke and all four wheels are still on, then that’s the next hurdle cleared.

Car clocking

One micro computer, two or three clicks, and hey presto, the odometer’s been changed. Even new models aren’t safe from this scam. Not only does it threaten to increase the purchase price, any missed servicing dates could become a big headache for you too. It is recommended that you use an authorised dealer when buying a used car to avoid odometer fraud. You can easily verify the car’s mileage as you can access all of its relevant servicing dates and maintenance history. It’s the end of the road for car-clocking crooks!

Rude awakening

You’ve done it, you’ve clinched the deal! You ecstatically jump into your newly bought second-hand car. But then, just 30 minutes down the road, its engine splutters and stops. You ring the seller, but to no avail – repair costs are not covered. Before signing the agreement, it is recommended that you agree on a minimum three-month full warranty for parts, labour and wear parts. Be wary of partial warranties, though, as these can quickly give rise to lengthy debates if there are any damages.
Buying a second-hand car not only costs you a lot in time but also comes with many hidden risks. We take the hassle out of getting a car and offer you extra flexibility.

Unlike a used car, we at Clyde will take care of the insurance, registration, servicing and even tyre changes. You and your Clyde are almost like best friends – with a lot of benefits. All you have to do is fill it up. That’s easy, isn’t it?

Here’s how it works: simply select your dream car from the Clyde website, and then you can cruise around in it for at least three months. If you’re still hopelessly in love with your vehicle after three months, you can easily and flexibly extend your subscription for a length of your choosing. But if you’ve drifted apart, or you’ve got eyes for another attractive Clyde car, you can just end your ongoing subscription without any further commitments.

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What’s included in the Clyde subscription

No hassle, no worries, no additional costs: thanks to the fixed monthly rate, with the Clyde car subscription all you have to do is fill up the tank.

Service & wear

No surprises! With Clyde, you don’t have to worry about unplanned costs.


Your car is fully insured: third-party, fire and theft as well as fully comprehensive cover are part of the flat rate.


Clyde ensures you’ve got the right tyres – all year round, with no additional costs for changes or storage.

Registration & taxes

With no effort or expense for you. Your car is registered in your canton of residence.

Multiple drivers allowed

Family and friends can also drive your car.

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