Together we are stronger.

We are building an innovative, profitable e-mobility ecosystem and form the interface between mobility and energy services. In doing so, we are contributing to AMAG’s pioneering role in sustainable mobility and are setting ourselves apart from the competition. We connect like-minded people within a community to drive forward the sustainable mobility transition together.

Clyde x Solarify

Sustainable investment for a clean journey.

By investing in the solar systems of the Swiss start-up Solarify, we are making a significant contribution to covering the entire electricity requirements of electric cars with Swiss solar energy. As an electric car driver, you can make the most of our produce – charge – drive mobility cycle.

Shaping Switzerland’s mobility & energy transition together

We share a common vision with our partners: to offer innovative and sustainable mobility solutions that create new requirements and make a positive contribution to the environment.

Clyde x Helion

Self-generated electricity for your electric car.

Are you a homeowner and a fan of electric mobility? This is how your electric car runs on self-generated electricity – cheaper and with zero emissions. Subscribe to the electric car of your dreams at Clyde and recharge it with self-generated solar power via a wallbox. Our partnership with Helion makes it possible.

Together, we’ll get there faster.