All electric.
All inclusive.
All good.

Electric mobility made easy

Drive an electric car at a fixed price. The Clyde car subscription includes everything in one monthly payment – insurance, maintenance, taxes and even electricity for charging on request. Discover the latest in-demand electric cars from VW, Audi, Tesla, Skoda and more – with state-of-the-art technology and maximum performance. Not driving an electric car yet? Clyde makes the switch easy: everything included with maximum flexibility. Do something good for the environment and your wallet.

all the way.

No worries – it happens to the best of us. If there’s been an accident or your car has broken down, your first call should be to the below number depending on your car brand – then let us know.

- Audi, Seat, Skoda und VW: +41 848 024 365
- Porsche:+41 800 724 911
- Tesla: +41 618 553 021
- Polestar: +41 800 564 519
- BMW & Mini: +41 84 485 7575
- Mercedes: +41 22 567 53 34
- Dacia: +41 44 777 03 75
- Bentley: 00800 4886 4886

Brand not found?
Please contact Allianz Roadside Assistance:

0800 22 33 44 (Switzerland)
+41 43 311 99 11 (Abroad)

For other kinds of damage, you can come straight to us. More information can be found here .

Safe, safe, really safe. Besides the third-party liability insurance there’s a partial and fully comprehensive cover.

Partial comprehensive cover basically covers damage to your car for which you are not responsible (not caused intentionally). This includes damage caused by fire, natural hazards, animal collisions, vandalism, theft and simple glass damages.The deductible for private customers and pool cars is CHF 0.

For private customers, the standard deductible for the fully comprehensive insurance (collision) is CHF 1,500 and can be reduced to CHF 1,000 or CHF 500 on request for an additional fee in the booking process. The deductible of the fully comprehensive cover covers damage to your own car caused by classic collision events (e.g. collision with another car, collision with a pillar, etc.). The deductible is always calculated per damage. If damage is caused to another car, a person or an object in the event of a collision, this is covered by the liability insurance. For private customers, the deductible of the liability insurance is CHF 0.

The deductible for pool vehicles is CHF 1000 for liability insurance and CHF 1500 for fully comprehensive insurance (collision). In this case reducing the deductible is not possible.

For a monthly surcharge, you can choose the Insurance Plus option, which covers you additionally for glass and parking damage.

If your car is delivered between 1 April and 31 August, it will be equipped with summer tyres. If it’s delivered between 1 September and 31 March, you’ll get your Clyde with winter tyres. When it comes time for a tyre change, you can arrange an appointment with one of the following Clyde tyre partners . The removed tyres will be stored for you. More information can be found here.

Absolutely! During your subscription, any kilometres you don’t use are carried over to the following month.However, unused kilometres cannot be transferred to another subscription or vehicle.

The future of mobility – your electric car subscription.

Subscriptions are omnipresent – be it for digital magazines, Swiss flowers or vegetables straight from the farm. And for your mobility? All you need is Clyde – Switzerland’s most sustainable e-car subscription.

More than e-mobility – our contribution to Switzerland’s energy revolution

From flexible electric car offering to your own solar roof. With a comprehensive Swiss mobility solution – electricity generation, charging infrastructure and electric vehicles – Clyde is facilitating the switch to electric mobility and making a significant contribution to the energy revolution.

Need advice on your electric car?

All-electric. All-inclusive.